Monday, 19 May 2008

The World's Tallest Woman... and me

This was on last week but I only just watched it... sorry, when Big Brother is back on I will blog RELIGIOUSLY and you know it. I've cancelled summer especially. Just give me a TV and the digital spy messageboard and that's all I'll need for three months straight.
So I was fully expecting the usual channel five style freak-show, and instead I find that speccy bloke off Balls of Steel is trying to set himself up as the next Louis Theroux. Fair enough, I don't mind him much. And Dave Gorman's last documentary was boring as fuck.
So Mark Dolan (yes, that's his name) went (as the title suggests) to try and find the world's tallest woman. Throughout he insists it's not a freak-show, but obviously it is, and he knows it. Besides, that's what people want. Just give them it!
Those men who fancy gigantic women are a bit strange aren't they? Mind you, it could be (and often is) worse (remember the rubber doll documentary? Argh!) It'd be horrible if you knew someone was with you for that, like those feeder guys. Hmm, I could do with one of those feeder guys to bring me loads of KFC every day. Oh my god, what am I saying?!
Then (by accident) he met a woman who was 114 and looked every inch of it. It's a bit cruel really, to be that old. Luckily, I'll never know!
Then he went to meet a REAL giant called Sandy. She had enormous hands and a REALLY deep voice! She was six foot three at the age of 10!
But who he met next was even taller. She was seven foot nine! Her shoes were the biggest things I'd ever seen! They were bloody enormous. She made Mark Dolan look like a toddler sitting next to her.
It's sad really because they are all so tall because of medical conditions like tumours and no one loves them. Aw.
This blog featured way too many brackets. But I LOVE brackets.

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