Monday, 12 May 2008

Corrie/Enders- The Drugs Don't Work

Good! I'm glad Liam went back to Carla, they were meant to be, and Maria's a whining dolt (even if she is extremely pretty). They had a slow dance to The Drugs Don't Work... what's that all about? It's not the most romantic love song, is it? Just thinking about Richard Ashcroft's fish-face is enough to put me off. Tina was quite funny today, and the whole gay chat was quite amusing. Kirk's girlfriend is well annoying though, she'd better turn out to be a complete psycho or something, otherwise she's an utter waste of space.
I was happy to see the return of Christian in Eastenders, as he is the only actual human in it. As if he could fancy Stephen. Stephen is the opposite of viagra. I hope he's gone forever, please say it's so! And send Lucy Beale after him, the narky little cow.
And what was the deal with Roxy's pregnancy test? I've never seen one with a giant red crucifix in it, normally it's like a little blue dot or something right (not that I'd know). Perhaps it meant she's due to give birth to the spawn of Satan. That doctor bloke wasn't too bad was he? I think he was slumming it with Roxy and her nylon hair. Ricky and Bianca have been an UTTER anti-climax. I can't stand them. He's just about bearable, but she needs drowning, now.

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