Friday, 26 March 2010

Over the Rainbow

I am watching this under duress just because Christian from Eastenders is in it. I don't know why, as it's going to make me hate Christian, playing a sub-par John Barrowman. I hate musicals, but The Wizard of Oz is kind of cool. Still, this show is bound to suck the life out of it. I hate that arsehole out of Any Dream Will Do, too. I never saw the Sound of Music or Oliver one, thank fuck.
I saw Charlotte Church on JRo a week or two ago and didn't think much to her, I kind of want to like her, but she's a bit frosty or something.
OMG those credits were scary.
Why is Graham Norton wearing Frank Butcher's coat? Put him back in the studio, he looks war-torn without an inch of foundation.
How long before Christian makes a joke about being a 'friend of Dorothy'?
This audition process sucks- couldn't Christian be bothered to show up? Too busy swanning round the E20. Who is this old dude? 'You could be Dorothy'. My boyfriend just said it reminded him of the K Factor in Harry Hill. The truth is, it's not that entertaining.
Sheila Hancock looks like a skeleton. This show is edited worse than Fame Academy. And at least that had Ainslie. The BBC are no good at reality shows! They are too scared to flash the cash on decent judges or lighting.
I'm not sure I can bear another one of these tomorrow. Christian or no Christian. Throw in Syed and we might be talking.

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